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Meet Mahoney

Joe Mahoney. That's me. Crackerjack lawyer... I mean, doctor... I mean, lawman... I mean all of those. Put it this way. I'm the kind of guy who can't hold a job. Want to know more? I didn't think so. Here it is anyway.

Joe Mahoney, Lawyer  

Murder's Just Another Name for Homicide

The story that started it all (and some would say should have ended it all, but those are only people who have actually read it). Available for the Kindle. Here's what it says on the Amazon web page.

A hard-boiled mystery in the gritty tradition of Beatrix Potter.
The critics agree:
~ "A page-turner. You keep looking for something readable."
~ "Phillip Marlowe meets Bertie Wooster. And they discuss how much they hate this story."
~ "If Raymond Chandler were alive today, he'd be 133 years old."
~ "Riveting! Or welding. Both useful trades."

Click here to get a taste of the story. (Then drink something strong to get rid of the taste.)

Joe Mahoney, MD  

Mahoney the hard-boiled lawyer returns as a soft-boiled (or possibly scrambled) doctor in another tale of utter insignificance. Recommended by the ASFH* and the MMLA.**
*American Society of Faith Healers
**Medical Malpractice Lawyers Association

Click here for the whole unhealthy story. (Note: Easier to read with pharmaceuticals.)

Joe Mahoney, Lawman  

Joe Mahoney keeping the peace in the old west. In the classic tradition of Zane Grey, Louis L'Amour, and Ethel Merman, here's a rip-snorting tale of good guys and bad guys, riders of the purple sage, the blue thyme, and the red oregano.

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